The Spine Center of Baton Rouge

The Spine Center at the Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge is a leading center for the treatment of spinal disorders, led by Dr. Kevin McCarthy, board certified and fellowship trained specialist in adult and pediatric spine surgery and Dr. C. Chambliss Harrod, board certified and trained in anterior and posterior decompression, fusion, and instrumentation techniques for the occipital, cervical, thoracolumbar, and sacral spine.

We offer the patient conveniences of office visits, surgery center and rehabilitation in one location. Treatment options include advanced physical therapy, medical treatments, pain management injections, and minimally-invasive spine procedures.

Everyone I have seen so far has taken my pain seriously. They are doing everything they can to make me feel better. I really appreciate that. You don't know how many doctors don't believe you when you say your back hurts. Thank you to everyone at the Walker Office.

– T. Lee

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